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Good looking website is a key to your success. You can loose up to 70% of visitors with poor design!

Did you know that accidental data deletion can cost you over £10’000? But we can protect your data from being lost! Just choose how many copies you would like to have

How are you sure that your website is accessible worldwide, when you are asleep? You deserve to know if your website is always online!

Did you know that website security breach can make you bankrupt? Imagine amount of data that can be stolen: orders, credit card details, peronal data... Scary, isn’t it? But we can protect you with our active scanner.

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Pricing is as follows:
- no set up fee
- hosting space and backup space starting at 0.10p per GB monthly. Pay only for what you need!
- transfer quota of 10 times your hosting is included
- uptime report starting at £9 monthly
- health scan report starting at £19 per scan, fixes not included
- security scans starting at £19 per scan, fixes not included
- work hour starting at £12 on subscription model

1GB website with 3 backups (1-1-1 model) would have 10GB of transfer monthly. Uptime report included. Monthly health scan included. Monthly security scan included. Monthly subscription of 1 hour, for updating software. Cost: £60.00 in 12 month subscription.

Offer is B2B only. As we are using our proprietary, licensed tools, offer is only available, if bundled with hosting. Minimum subscription time: 6 months. Before usage of any subscription element is exceeded (hosting, extra work hours, transfer, extra security scan or other), you are informed about possible additional fees. Any started work task is counted as minimum half an hour. Hosting and backup is counted per each started gigabyte, minimum payment is £1. At any point of time package can be edited. After fixing helath or security issue, free report is generated to ensure issue was solved.